This naturally powerful antibiotic removes harmful toxins and offers relief to the dry, itchy scalp. When crushed, garlic releases an enzyme known as alliinase, which stimulates blood flow, strengthening hair and reducing breakage. It is also known to increase body and shine.
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Naat Garlic Magic Conditioner
(16.8 oz) The Naat Garlic Magic Conditioner promotes the strengthening of the hair, feeding it nutri..
NAAT Garlic Magic Hair Mask
(17.6 oz) Use the NAAT Garlic Magic Hair Mask for an intense conditioning treatment. Prepared with g..
Naat Garlic Magic Leave-in
(10.5 oz) Refresh your hair throughout the day with Naat Garlic Magic Leave-in. It’s a lightweight c..
Naat Garlic Magic Shampoo
(16.8 oz) Naat Garlic Magic Shampoo will restore your natural balance giving you stronger, faster gr..